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Sabnaz Intl. LLC offers many shipping options to accommodate the client’s needs.
We make sure the product
reaches from departure port to the destination port, exactly per the client’s requests.

Shipping Terms

FOB (free on board)

  • This option is mainly for those clients who have already arranged for the ocean freight/vessel transportation from departure port to destination port.
  • Sabnaz Intl. LLC handles all logistics and documentation for the product to enter departure port, and to be loaded successfully aboard the vessel arranged by the client.
CIF (cost/insurance/freight)

  • With this option, the buyer can rest at ease and allows Sabnaz Intl LLC to handle with expertise ALL the logistics involved to get the product from point A to point B.
  • Through our various partnerships with vessel-owners, shipping companies, and logistics teams, we ensure quality products are delivered successfully and safely to the end destination.
  • With the added benefit of insurance, in the event of any inevitable, unforeseen circumstances, the client does not have to worry about the products being damaged or quality being affected.


No matter what product we are shipping, we will ensure it arrives safely and efficiently to the client’s destination.

20 foot or 40 foot/high-cube ocean containers

For dry bulk product shipments of products, including but not limited to grains and spices with a volume of less than 12,500 Metric Tons (MT), the product is shipped in containers (either 20’ or 40’ ocean freight containers).

Refrigerated Containers

We understand some perishable products like fruits especially need to be handled with care. This is why we seal fruits in bags and then ship in refrigerated containers to extend shelf life, and make sure the customer received fresh fruit and produce!

Bulk Vessel/Barges

For dry bulk products (grains and sugar primarily) with shipments volumes over 12,500MT, product is shipped in bulk vessel/barges.


For bulk liquid products (such as cooking oils), the product can either be shipped in PET bottles of various sizes or flexi-tanks.

Tank Storage/Fuel vessels

For bulk fuel/petroleum products (such as jet fuel, diesel, gasoline, etc), product is stored in tank storage facilities and then shipped via pipeline and injected into either the buyer’s storage tanks or vessel.

Sealed Bags

Some products, like sugar and dry grains are packaged in bags for easy offloading and handling. Various bag size options available. For bulk liquid products (such as cooking oils), the product can either be shipped in PET bottles of various sizes or flexi-tanks.

Personalized packaging

We understand some clients would like to market their own logo and labels, so we can include the client’s customized marketing materials on the labels per request.

Other Packaging

Other product specific packaging options may be available per request.

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