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Sabnaz Intl. LLC is headquartered in California, USA. We started in 2011, and our initial thrust was focused on animal feed/agricultural commodity trading. 

Since then

We have successfully expanded our customer base and product offering to accommodate the needs of any client both domestic and international.
We have established joint ventures and partnerships directly with the following areas to add success, sustainability, efficiency and transparency in our business dealings:

  • Fuel Refineries
  • Storage Facilities
  • Sugar Mills
  • Cooking Oil Factories
  • Grain Farmers


At Sabnaz we are committed to delivering exceptional, unmatched personalized and flexible trade services to our international and domestic customers.

We understand our customers’ need and will work hard to provide innovative, creative and low-cost solutions that in turn, simplify their business. We expect to surpass our client’s expectations and add value to the communities we serve.

Our ultimate goal is to become the versatile “one stop shop” that can cater to the requests of any client for any product!

Product Samples & Pictures
On-site visits per request specific to product
Detailed analysis reports by top-rated labs
Low-cost Financial Solutions
Flexible Payment Terms
Complete Shipping Documentation with each Shipment

Sabnaz Intl. LLC has quickly become synonymous worldwide with:

Operational Expertise

Its emphasis on these ideals have allowed Sabnaz Intl. LLC to rapidly ascend the ranks of the international commodities markets.

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